Neil Chippington
Headmaster, St John’s College School, Cambridge

Headmasters’ Welcome

Welcome to St John's College School, Nanjing. It is a real pleasure for me and all the staff and pupils at St John's College School in Cambridge, UK to bring the educational values and ethos of our school to Nanjing. It is a particular delight to be in partnership with the people of China.

St John’s College School believes in the importance of early years education. It is when children are young that they lay foundations which are important for their development as well as for the rest of their lives. Our ethos is based on educating each child in a holistic way, academically and emotionally. We believe that if children are happy and cared for in a nurturing environment then they will lead happy and successful lives, fulfilling their potential and becoming lifelong learners. Our unique Emotions for Learning programme helps children in the early stages of their educational journey and in finding their place in a complex world.

We treat each child as an individual and our aim is to help them to be their best selves. We understand that each child has a unique personality and that if we can see the world through their eyes we will be able to give them the support they need to grow and develop confidence and resilience.

Childhood is a precious time and we want it to be a happy, fulfilling and challenging time for our children as they begin the exciting journey of discovery, curiosity and the seeking of truth in all things which is at the heart of education.