Why St John's College School

SJCS-NJ offers early years education that prepares children for the fast changing modern world in which they are growing up to become independent, creative and productive adults:

  • A SJCS-NJ child learns how to solve their own problems and think for themselves
  • A SJCS-NJ child develops emotional and social well-being, self-esteem and confidence
  • A SJCS-NJ child finds within themselves a life-long love of learning and self-development
  • A SJCS-NJ child cultivates learning and coping strategies that allow them to adapt and be resilient in the face of unfamiliar or changing situations.

At SJCS-NJ children discover internationality at first hand and experience daily the interlinking of countries, languages and cultures:

  • Children attend class with one SJCS trained English speaking foreign teacher and two SJCS trained Mandarin speaking teachers ensuring a truly bilingual context for learning
  • Children explore UK, European and Chinese culture through an invigorating environment that ignites their imagination
  • Children enjoy access to the wide-ranging and stimulating international world that the English language and the British curriculum opens up for them
  • Children benefit from close links with St John’s College School, Cambridge, and will see the children in the UK studying the same lessons as they do.

A SJCS-NJ education is about developing the whole child through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activity:

  • Children take charge of their learning and their lives
  • We work to preserve and strengthen their questioning and thinking skills
  • Children become independent, creative and critical learners prepared to question, with their curiosity very much alive
  • Child-initiated learning is implemented through planned and purposeful play
  • Children find and develop their own voice and learn to get the best out of themselves and the best out of others.

At SJCS-NJ, students learn to develop their minds:

  • the Emotions for Learning (E4L) curriculum, unique to SJCS, has been specially developed by our child psychotherapist using the latest research about attachment theory
  • It aims to promote ‘secure attachments’ between children and their teachers so that children learn to manage their emotions and use their minds
  • When children can manage their emotions and use their minds, they learn to think for themselves and solve problems
  • E4L is not just another subject we teach our children, it is a way of being in the St John’s community, a part of our whole school culture.

At SJCS-NJ, Child Safety and Welfare is central to everything we do:

We believe:

  • If we care, then we will notice
  • If we notice, then we will act on a child’s behalf
  • If we act for a child then each of our children will grow best, will achieve best and will become their best selves.

To be known, to be noticed, to be valued, to be cared for: fundamental things for all of us and essential for a good childhood. They are at the heart of the St John’s College School way.

SJCS-NJ follows the highest levels of safeguarding procedures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its children. Policies and procedures are put in place to maintain essential levels of child supervision at all times, as well as training staff to recognise early signs of child safeguarding issues.

Our heritage: St John’s in Cambridge, UK - a school of tradition, innovation and inspirational teaching

  • Over 300 years old
  • Established and owned by St John’s College, University of Cambridge
  • At the forefront of early years education in the UK
  • Teaching rated ‘inspirational’ by the UK Independent Schools Inspectorate
  • Rare ‘Exceptional’ grade awarded for pupils’ attainment
  • UK National Best Prep School Award winner
  • UK National Best Prep School Headmaster Award winner