The main point of admission to St John's Nanjing is at 1.5+ into the Pre-KG .  Admission to our Kindergarten 1 and 2 (3-5 years old) and T1 (5-6 years old) year groups is dependent upon the availability of places.  There is a maximum capacity of 60 children in each year group.

Entry to the school at the 2+ stage is by registration and parental interview.  There is no formal assessment of children other than to ensure that a child is ready for a school environment.  

Having registered your interest below, our admissions team will invite you to visit our school for a tour. After meeting our Head and seeing the school, we welcome you to fill out our official Application Form (available from school) and we will add your child’s name onto our waiting list. We do our best, however, to avoid creating large waiting lists and to give you the earliest possible indication of whether a place will be available. We understand that in a matter as important as the education of one's child, the admissions process can be an anxious one and we endeavour to reduce this anxiety wherever possible.

The school considers itself a community in which each individual’s needs should be recognised and each of its members’ talents and aptitudes should be fostered. It is as a living and caring community that the school is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for children, parents and staff. The school will not discriminate against anyone on grounds of their racial or ethnic origin, culture, health conditions, circumstances relating to home life, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or, where practicable, disabilities. 


                 Age on 31st Aug.               

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