Introduction to St John's College School

St John’s College School, Cambridge, Nanjing Kindergarten is the flagship kindergarten opening overseas in a China-UK joint venture with St John’s College School, Cambridge, UK (hereafter known as SJCS). St John’s Nanjing adheres to SJCS’ educational values and, combined with the Chinese pre-school educational guidelines in a Western-Chinese agreement, aims to unearth children’s unlimited potential and accompany them to take their first steps to discover their world. SJCS is not only providing resources in teacher hiring, training and management oversight, but also will be providing opportunities for children to go abroad and experience learning in an English environment in Cambridge, a great opportunity to benefit from this exclusive opportunity.

The Kindergarten is located at the East Gate of Meizhiguo Garden, No. 2 Jiangjun Avenue, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, bordering Jiangning and Yuhua districts with Cuiping Mountain behind and Qinwei River in front. Many exits to local main roads including Nanjing’s Raocheng Motorway, Airport motorway and Shuanglong Avenue, are 2-3kms away with the nearest metro stop, S3 line’s Jingming Jiayuan, a short walk away.

The kindergarten is situated on a plot of 4000 with outdoor space totalling 6000m2. The kindergarten has been designed with 12 main classrooms, 3 Individual Needs classrooms, Music and Dance studio, Library, Art Studio and Science and Construction rooms. The school boasts an outside handcraft area, floral gardens, pottery workshop, wood workshop, as well as indoor mini kitchen housed in the large sunny Dining Hall.  The 5 star standard kitchen and buffet style self-service food will ensure a healthy diet for our children. The external area also includes the ‘D’ shaped front playground, the East Gallery’s seating terrace, the forest garden, drawing wall and the Sky Garden, providing children and staff the most comfortable learning environment.

The kindergarten has a maximum capacity of 240 children ages 2-6 years old who will be looked after by a team of loving, creative and energetic teachers using the ‘St John’s Way’ to develop the children’s best selves.